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Marketing automation can deliver huge benefits to your organisation. Tagged Marketing’s consultative approach understands the secrets to successful implementation as well as the pitfalls you might encounter – we will guide your course to success.

Sound fundamentals

You might hear some people say that this new marketing paradigm renders traditional methods redundant. This isn’t the case whatsoever. In fact, because of the automated nature of the technologies you can quickly amplify mistakes – so sound marketing fundamentals are critical before embarking upon embracing marketing automation.

Before adopting marketing automation, there are several critical questions you need to be able answer, we can help you answer them.

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Business transformation

Marketing automation is not a silo technology. It permeates and integrates with every customer touch point, and as such, adoption of these technologies requires an end-to-end approach.

An external partner can help to achieve business-wide alignment and provide everyone involved with the information and guidance they need to maximise the potential of marketing automation.

Intelligent Automation

With the adoption of automation comes the adoption of new marketing practices. Campaigns are not standalone, a lead is nurtured and communications are orientated around the lead’s indicated/predicted requirements. We can help you to define your new ways of marketing with rigour, so that the bigger picture is kept in mind at all times.

Our inputs on technology selection, to campaign methodology, implementation and review will ensure that your marketing automation is intelligent. It is very easy to quickly amplify errors, as your sure-footed partner we will help you pick the right course and secure your successful arrival at your intelligent marketing destination.

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