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Pareto’s 80:20 rule applies to marketing automation, just like it does to almost everything else in the world. 20% of what the technology offers will actually fit your needs and deliver you the results you are looking for. How do you get to the 20% and how do you use it best? We can train you to get the most out of the technology for your business.

Getting you started

Our starter training takes it back to basics. This is perfect for organisations that have just deployed marketing automation, or recognise that they are not getting enough out of their investment.

If you have a new member join your team we can help them to get up-to-speed with your marketing automation tools so that they can quickly add value to your communications.

Marketing Training
Get more from automation

Getting you more

We can provide advanced training to push the boundaries of your marketing automation sophistication. We are always pushing the latest features of products, so we are early adopters of successful new automation methods that we can share with our clients.

Bespoke training

Our training is tailored towards your needs. Some of your staff will have different requirements based on their experience and their roles. We will work with you to ensure that everyone is onboard with your marketing automation efforts.

We can fix issues and share the outcomes with your teams, as well as document your systems and procedures so that you never get lost again.

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