Putting a successful marketing automation system in place requires the marrying of art and science. Tagged Marketing is all about tagging the art of marketing with the right technologies to succeed.

Right, first time

The set-up stage of any marketing automation campaign is the most crucial part of any digital marketing transformation. Get it wrong and you will make the job much harder than it needs to be, and worse than that, you might even make costly errors.

We’ve set-up and run campaigns on a number of platforms (Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Agile CRM and more) for companies of various shapes and sizes. We can get you up and running quickly and effectively.


Business transformation

Marketing automation is not a silo technology. It permeates and integrates with every customer touch point, and as such, adoption of these technologies requires an end-to-end approach.

An external partner can help to achieve business-wide alignment and provide everyone involved with the information and guidance they need to maximise the potential of marketing automation.

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