Your marketing efforts should learn from every customer interaction so that they work better the next time.

We add artificial marketing intelligence to your communications, to increase your conversion rates and deliver a larger number of better-qualified leads.

Whether you have an existing digital marketing automation platform and need help to get the best out of it, or you are considering marketing automation for your business, Tagged Marketing can help.

We are called Tagged, because we believe that every digital interaction you have with a customer should be ‘tagged’ with new intelligence and insights, to improve your customer understanding, and future marketing performance.

The tools exist to allow you to do this. Marketing Automation is the CPU in your “win ready” lead generation computer.  It is what you will pass every digital customer interaction through to measure and act upon it.

Tagged Marketing’s focus is programming your “win ready” lead generation computer.  We have worked on a number of platforms, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and more, to deliver successful lead generation campaigns. We can help you.

Intelligent Marketing Automation is the future of marketing. We can make the future, the now, for your marketing.

Take a look at what marketing automation is and why it matters.

Automation Services


Working along side you, we’ll help advance from platform selection through to smart customer journey creation.

Adoption & Deployment

Auditing your current situation and requirements and developing the best solution to fit your specific needs.


Supporting your in-house teams in adopting and making the most out of your marketing automation investment.

Managed Service

The delivery of intelligent automated marketing campaigns for your business.

Auto Mates

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Thoughts on automation

Intelligent content require powerful technology

We use technology to provide intelligent marketing communications for all sizes of businesses and budgets.

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